Jewelry Repair

Because Christopher’s Fine Jewelry treats your jewelry as though it were our own, we employ the most qualified jeweler in the region to repair your jewelry. When you leave your jewelry with us, you can leave with the peace of mind that no one else will take better care or provide you with a faster turnaround time.

Christopher’s offers guaranteed repair service most of which is done in 3-5 business days or less. We also offer free stone and prong inspection, free ultrasonic cleaning, a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on new jewelry, and a three-year warranty, plus free replacement batteries for life, on all Seiko watches.

We Buy Gold

Christopher's Client Commission Program

Refer a friend to Christopher’s and we’ll pay you 10% of their total old gold sales! (up to $100.00)

Christopher’s is the place to sell your old gold jewelry, sterling silver, larger diamonds, rare coins, currency, gold, silver and platinum bullion.

Since 1980, our reputation for paying top prices, as well as for honesty, integrity and respect for the customer has made Christopher’s the place to sell your unwanted valuables. At Christopher’s, we are so confident that we will give you the best price, we invite you to shop around, get your best price, and then see us.

After we inspect your valuables, we’ll give you an explanation of what we are offering. Upon acceptance of our offer, you will receive immediate payment with local check or cash.

What’s My Gold Worth?

  • Christopher’s calculates the price of your gold based on the current price of gold.
  • We then go through your items in front of you and separate the different carats of gold and pull out any non-gold items.
  • We then weigh each karat group by the penny weight, which is the standard for the industry. There are 20 penny weights per troy ounce.
  • Most gold jewelry is not pure gold. For Example, 10k gold usually assays at 39.5% and 14k gold usually assays at 55.5%.
  • Christopher’s deals with the top refiner in the nation. Because of the high volume of gold Christopher’s refines, the refiner pays Christopher’s a very small percentage under the melt value of the gold. In return, we pay our customers significantly more than the competition. In fact, many gold buyers in the region sell their old gold to us.